Need a Writer? Welcome to Hire Pro-Writers

If you want to work with a firm that offers you the combined writing experience of over 500 years (yes, you read it right, it’s FIVE HUNDRED YEARS) then you have come to the right place.

If you need a writer, then you must be doing so because of one of the following reasons:

  • <> You are building a new website and you need content. Whether your website has a niche topic or you are a site where anything goes, you will need a writer to fill those pages. We have writers that do content, blogging, articles, white papers and web copies to name a few specializations.
  • <> You already have a website and need a writer to drive traffic to it. In this case the writers will need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing. If you need a writer who is a specialist on a specific subject, no problems we have lots of them.
  • <> You, yourself, could be writer that has too much work on his hands. In order to cope with your clients’ demands you might want to hire a couple of writers to at least get some of the research done and the resulting ideas put on paper before you do the actual writing.
  • <> We also consider the fact you might need a writer for off-line work. These will include writers for jobs like technical instructions, flyers and brochures – professional writers who can express procedures, products or events with the minimum amount of words.

Welcome to Hire Pro-Writers

Whatever may be the case, you have come to the right place, welcome! At Hire Pro-Writers we make sure that you get what you wish for. In fact, the one unique character that makes us stand out from our competitors is the extent we go to make sure that you get exactly what you asked for:

Working In Real Time

One of the many we do so is by allowing you, the client, to be in direct contact with the writer. You will not have to go through a go between every time you need to have some work or even changes done. You talk directly to the writer, who makes the changes in real time.

Guaranteed Professionalism

When you need a writer, we know that you are putting your reputation on the line, or in this case – online. And the quickest way of losing your reputation is plagiarism. At Hire Pro-Writers, we give all our clients a 100% guarantee that all works done by us are 100% original. This can be proven by having all contents and articles run through Copyscape. And once we submit the work to you, you will have 100% copyright ownership.

Free Revisions and Rewrites

When you come to us, you come with an image of what your final article or content will look like. You will at least have a list of ideas that you will want to convey. If you think that the points of your topic have not been addressed or the content doesn’t sound right, we will rewrite it until you say it is perfect – free of charge.

On Time – Every Time

If you need a writer, then you are hiring an employee. Like every boss that has employees under him you will want all jobs to be done, not only in the proper manner, but right on time! We will make sure that you get all your work done at the exact agreed time, if not earlier, or you get a 50% reduction on the jobs that have been delayed.

Let’s Work Together

As you can see, if there is one firm that really goes the extra mile to make sure that you are a satisfied client, it is us – Hire Pro-Writers. Contact us today to discuss your project!


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